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just minutes to prepare these


Chicken recipes have always been my favorite, specially the starters and fried ones. Chicken nuggets, Chicken 65, KFC popcorn chicken always top my favorite list. (I do have a longer favorite list :P) I know that its not a healthy habit to munch on them very often solar motor, so I make it a point to try them at home and enjoy.

One of the most repeated finger food dish among my favorites remain the popcorn chicken and that's the recipe I'm gonna share here today. I have not cracked the original KFC recipe, but I have tried to provide a similar tasty and crispy popcorn chicken recipe that will definitely be a palatable hit in your homes. It is a kind of recipe that doesn't steal much of your time cristal champagne, you need just minutes to prepare these.

I've used oats here and so the fry is super crunchy and stays so for a very long time, you can use oats or corn flakes or just batter-fry them.  Kids will go gaga over these (obviously) and so will grown ups. Making it at home benefits you economically and health-wise, you do not have to worry about what went into the making, you can pick quality meat and ingredients to make this dish and munch on happily.Make it desi style by adding chat masala if you like Hong Kong Customs, it does provide the dish a distinct flavor and aroma, or you can use Italian seasonings to get flavors similar to the KFC version. Both ways it tastes awesome, pick your choice of flavors and enjoy.  Serve plain or with ketchup Floor Stand .

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instincts did not fail me



 Not all recipes that I see in a book/blog/TV show inspires me. But, this one surely caught my interest. I saw this recipe in a popular south-Indian TV cook show and fell instantly in love with this north-Indian recipe brushless motor.

Ofcourse, there are other reasons too. To my knowledge, raw bananas is a not-so-frequent vegetable in north Indian kitchen and so, I thought that this recipe was unique. I adore chef Mr. Venkatesh Bhat (who happens to be the host of that cook show) for his passion and interest in culinary field and that reason was more than convincing for me to try the recipe led light . Last but not the least, the recipe seemed to be simple, quick with minimal ingredients.

And, the good news is my instincts did not fail me...

Raw banana subzi is a north-Indian recipe that uses raw bananas and freshly roasted & pound spices. The speciality of this recipe is that it doesn't use onion (or) garlic and is perfect during vrat/fasting days. The taste of freshly pounded spices, the flavor of fresh herbs and that extra zing from lime juice makes it truly very enticing money lender interest. I 'd never thought that raw banana and pepper would work so well together!

Raw banana subzi makes a great side for rice / any flatbread. I am sure that the same recipe would work with potatoes too! The trick to a lip-smacking subzi lies in cooking raw bananas to perfection by not undercooking / overdoing it. Towards the end of cooking, you could add more or less water and make it a gravy (or) a dry curry (see the recipe).

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